What size and weight is my hand baggage allowed to be?

One item of hand baggage per passenger is allowed. This item may not exceed a weight of 8kg, and must be no more than 55 x 40 x 23 cm in size.

Passengers using our Business Class may take one extra item of baggage weighing a maximum of 4kg.

What is the free baggage allowance?

Your free baggage allowance is based on the piece concept, which means 1 piece with a maximum weight of 23 kg.

You can find further details under "Baggage"

What must I do if I am carrying excess baggage?

The excess baggage rate is based on piece concept.

You can find all details for excess baggage rates under "Excess Baggage and Sports Equipment"

Please observe that a single piece of luggage can only be accepted up to a maximum weight of 32kg/70lbs and a maximum dimension of 203cm/80in (sum of three dimensions).

Please be absolutely sure to register your excess baggage, as well as any outsize packages or special cargo such as television sets or pictures, with our special department at . If the flight has been booked via a travel agency, then that agency must also deal with baggage issues such as these.

Who do I contact if my baggage has been damaged or lost?

Please go immediately to the 'Lost & Found' counter of the Austrian Airlines Group in such cases.