Golf Equipment

Golf equipment rules and regulations

Please note the following information in regard to golf equipment:

  • Piece(s): On request – please contact our service center
  • Dimensions: standard golf equipment (golf bag)
  • Weight: max. 32 kg (70 lbs.)

Please understand that we can only transport a limited number of golf equipment on our flight due to aircraft capacity restriction.

Applicable rates for golf equipment

Golf equipmentPrice per leg
1 piece of Golf equipmentEUR 30,-

The rate quoted is applicable per leg (trip segment), baggage and passenger.

A ticket service fee will be charged in case of payment at the airport. Charges may vary, depending on the airport of departure. For departures from Austria a service charge of EUR 15, - per service and leg is applicable.

Exceptions and special regulations

Register/add golf equipment here

Reservation and Booking

For the required registration, please contact: