Sports Equipment

Applicable rates for sports equipment

Assorted sports equipment Price per leg
Golf equipment up to 23kg (50 lbs.)EUR 30,-
Scuba diving equipment up to 23 kg (50 lbs.)EUR 30,-
Surf board &  kite board EUR 30,-
Wind surfing equipmentEUR 60,-
BicycleEUR 30,-
Water skisEUR 30,-

The rates quoted are applicable per leg (trip segment), baggage and passenger.

A ticket service fee will be charged in case of payment at the airport. Charges may vary, depending on the airport of departure. For departures from Austria a service charge of EUR 15, - per service and leg is applicable.

Please understand that we can only transport a limited number of diving equipment on our flights.

Exceptions and special rules

Register/add sports equipment here

Reservation and Booking

Please note that sport equipment must always be registered 48h before departure in order to check eligibility due to aircraft capacity restrictions.

For the required registration, please contact: