Special Meal

Regardless whether you wish to order a special meal for health reasons or religious beliefs – myAustrian Holidays is happy to provide the right meal for you.

For flights lasting 2:20 h (or longer) we offer a selection of 14 different special meals, which are bookable free of charge for all Economy Class bookings on all short and medium-haul flights.

Our selection of special meals

Please find here an overview of our offered special meals:

Type of MealDescriptionCode
Special diet mealsBland dietBLML
Diabetic dietDBML
Gluten-free dietGFML
Low-calorie dietLCML
reduced in fat and low in cholesterolLFML
low in saltLSML
Lactose-free dietNLML
Vegetarian mealsAsian vegetarian dietAVML
Strictly vegetarian dietVGML
Religious and cultural meals Hindu appropriate dietHNML
Kosher dietKSML
Muslim appropriate dietMOML

Important Information

Please be informed that Austrian Airlines does not accept any responsibility or liability for any potential allergic food reactions which might occur. We advise to consult your GP (general practitioner, physician) or dietician prior to air travel if you are suffering from any kind of food intolerance or similar problems.

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Reservation and Booking

Please book your special meal request at least two working days prior to departure, as we always prepare all our meals fresh and plan accordingly.  

For registration, please contact:

DO & CO on board service on all myAustrian Holidays holiday flights

We are happy to offer a special culinary experience - prepared by our top caterer DO & CO on board of all our myAustrian Holiday flights.

For more information on our excellent on board catering, please visit our website service on board .