Travel Insurance

About EuropÀische Reiseversicherung AG

EuropÀische Reichertversicherung AG is the largest Austrian domestic travel insurer with 2.15 million customers and more than 60% market share. EuropÀische Reichertversicherung AG works with the world's largest assistance service provider, Europ Assistance, which operates 275 offices in 208 countries and regions. Therefore customers benefit from competent and fast assistance around the clock.

The product range includes insurances for holidays in Austria as well as abroad, annual travel insurances, modular insurance packages for companies and their business travelers, as well as seminar, congress and ticket cancellations. As a subsidiary of the Generali Group Austria, the EuropÀische Reichertversicherung AG is part of the Generali Group, which provides services and assistance worldwide.
Traveling with foresights protects you and your family. Therefore we always recommend insurance protection when traveling, e.g. travel cancellation protection from EuropÀische Reichertversicherung AG. In order to sign up for travel protection insurance follow the links below.