So schön ist Wien

Vienna's biggest photo contest!

Welcome to Vienna's biggest photo contest - "So schön ist Wien", meaning "Beautiful Vienna"!
Beginning on May 2nd you can participate in a photo competition during your stay in Vienna!
Share up to 10 of your favorite shots on and upload your pictures in high resolution as they will be published online and in magazines.

We wish you good luck and hope you will be one of the lucky winners to win your next flight to Vienna*! Be part of it!

Important facts:

1. We accept pictures in portrait- and landscape format only.

2. Please ensure the pictures are in high resolution - in order to use them in all media.

3. The focus of the contest is on the shot itself and we will only choose original photos which have not been filtered or retouched. This is a photo contest, not a graphic design competition ;-)

4. We no longer accept photos representing just a flower or an animal as this is a competition about Vienna. A part of the picture needs to reflect Vienna in some way, shape or form (e.g. a street sign, a monument or anything similar in the background).

5. You will have enough time to collect and upload your shots - starting from May 2nd you can share your photos until June 15th 2014!

6. If you wish to look at the photos in our photo gallery, you can enlarge them by clicking on each photo. It might take time depending on the size of the photo so please be patient. Thank you for your understanding :-)

Ready, set, go!

Participants from all over the world are most welcome to take part in this photo competition!

The time lines for this year are as follows:

From May 2nd until Sunday, June 16th 2014, 10:00 am.

The public voting starts on June 16th until July 30th 2014.

The winners will be announced online as of August 18th, 2014

For more information please also visit
(Information only in German)

Happy Photo shooting and good luck!
Your „So schön ist Wien“- & myAustrian Holidays Team

* OS operated flights only