Flights to Malé and Mauritius

Exceptions and special regulations

You are traveling to Malé or Mauritius with a ticket booked through a tour operator?

Please note that sports equipment and excess baggage must be registered in advance, as for Malé or Mauritiusbthe standard Austrian Airlines rates and regulations apply.

Reservation and Booking

To register sports equipment or excess baggage, please contact:

Collecting frequent flyer miles

With your Austrian Holidays flight your earn the following miles per leg:

  • 2,257 miles to Malé
  • 2,688 miles to Mauritius

Please note that mileage upgrades on these flights are not allowed!

Please be informed that it is not possible to add your Austrian Holidays miles online to your Miles & More account. Therefore, in order to add your earned miles to your account, please send an email with your boarding pass and Miles and More number to .