Are the prices for a one-way flight?

Our prices always refer to one-way flights and include all taxes, charges and surcharges.

Can I combine my flights any way I wish?

You can combine all flights however you wish in relation both to the date and the destination.

How can I book a Austrian Holidays flight?

You can book all routes marked in the schedule with a red aeroplane symbol on the internet, by using the reservation telephone number or at the travel agency of your choice. 

All other flights can only be booked at a travel agency, as these are purely tour operator flights.

What is the latest I can book a flight online?

You can make online bookings up until 12 hours before departure at the latest.

Are my data transmitted over a secure connection?

All data are transmitted over a highly secure connection.

What form will my travel documents be in when I receive them?

Austrian Holidays is a supporter of ticketless flight. In this process, your travel data are saved electronically and transmitted to the check-in desk at the airport. When the booking is concluded, you receive a confirmation number which you can use to identify yourself at check-in together with your passport, after which you will receive your boarding card.

We will also send confirmation of the booking you have made to the e-mail address you give us.

Who do I contact if I lose my booking confirmation of Austrian Holidays flight coupon?

Please contact our Call Center +43 5 176 676 700

Mo - Fr 08:00 - 17:00 and Sa - Su 08:00 - 16:00

When will the price of the flight be charged to my credit card?

The price of the flight is charged immediately after the booking is concluded.

Can I rebook my flight?

A rebooking and/or change to the passenger name exists if, where seating capacity is still available, the passenger requests that a change be made to the date of the flight, the destination or a departure and/or return airport. This needs to be done before any individual departures and at least 7 days before departure.

A rebooking and/or change to the passenger name from an originally booked higher priced departure can only be made while maintaining the original fare. In the event that a rebooking or change to the passenger name is made, the difference from the current, and if necessary higher, fare must be paid. A charge of € 30.00 per passenger becomes payable in all cases.

A rebooking and/or change to the passenger name can only be made by e-mail using following e-mail address:

All compensation for routes not used is excluded. The charge for a rebooking and/or change to the passenger name can only be paid using the authorised credit cards. There is no rebooking charge for babies. There is no discount applicable to the rebooking charge.

How do I cancel my flight?

You must inform us in writing that you wish to cancel a booked flight or other confirmed service (e.g. transportation of animal, special requests). This must be done before departure, and you must be able to give us the process number.

E-mail address:

myAustrian Holidays is entitled to charge the following amounts per passenger for flight cancellations without providing further evidence, but a minimum of € 30.00:

30 days or more before the beginning oft the journey

10% of the price

from 20 to  29 days before the beginning of the journey

25% of the price

from 10 to 19 days before the beginning of the journey

50% of the price

from 4 to 9 days before the beginning of the journey

65% of the price

from 3 days (72 hours) before the beginning of the journey

85% of the price

from 24 hours before departure

100% of the price

Please note that the calculation of the cancelation fees is based on the fare including all taxes and charges.

Under Austrian law, the passenger is at liberty to prove that we have suffered no damage, or significantly less damage than the value of the package amount demanded by us.

The regulation also applies if the passenger does not reach the flight at the given time or is excluded from the flight as a result of their travel documents being incomplete.