Special services

Is service provided on board?

You can enjoy our multiple award-winning catering by DO&CO with free drinks including wine and beer, while naturally we also carry Austrian newspapers on board.

What is the Service Center number, and when is it open for business?

You can reach us on our Service Center number both from Austria and International:  +43 5 176 676 700 from Monday to Saturday 08.00 to 16.30 . 

Your are also welcome to send your enquiries by e-mail to the following address:  charter.myholiday@austrian.com

How will you take my disability into consideration?

As well as the best levels of service, Austrian myHoliday is constantly aiming to offer you the highest possible standards of comfort and safety on your journey. Please contact specialcases@austrian.com by e-mail.

How do I order a special meal?

Special meals are available on all holiday flights with myAustrian Holidays. Please order your special menu here or contact our Call Center at least 50 hours before departure to order a special meal after making an online booking. The Call Center number is  +43 5 176 676 700.

Can I drop my baggage off the day before departure?

You can drop your baggage off for all departures from Austria on the day before your flight at the time given below:

Train station "Wien-Mitte" - CAT counter: until 9pm (24h before departure)-no bulky baggage and only available to passengers with a valid CAT-ticket

Vienna / VIE: 2pm until 4pm and 8pm until 10pm (24h before departure)

Graz / GRZ: 7pm until 9pm on the previous evening for all departures the next day

Klagenfurt / KLU: 7.30pm until 9pm the previous evening for all departures the next day

Linz / LNZ: 8pm until 10pm the previous evening for departures until 12am the next day

Salzburg / SZG: it is not possible to drop off baggage the day before

Innsbruck / INN: until 7.15pm (24h before dep.)