Cond. del Transporte

The general Conditions of Carriage of Austrian Airlines Group  apply. The following additional provisions apply, and take precedence in the event of inconsistencies with the General Conditions of Carriage.

Travel documents

Depending on the destination, the passenger receives either a `no-tix service` (ticketless flying) and booking confirmation via e-mail or a Lauda Air flight coupon via e-mail.

Upon presentation of a valid identity card or passport and booking number at check-in (by means of a booking confirmation in case of the `no-tix service` or a flight coupon if not the `no-tix service`), the passenger receives the boarding card for the flight booked.

Transportation without valid documents (without no-tix or Lauda Air flight coupons) is not accepted. No-tix or Lauda Air flight coupons are only valid on the flight dates selected and at the respective applicable fare conditions.

All passengers are personally responsible for observing all provisions important for the performance of the journey (e.g. booking confirmation in the case `no-tix service`/booking number or Lauda Air flight coupon, passport, visa and health regulations, including those for animals carried with the passenger and for the completeness of the travel documents. In the event of non-fulfilment, we are entitled to refuse transportation and to invoice the passenger for any costs and disadvantages arising as a result.


Rebooking and/or changing the passenger name is considered to have taken place if, at the request of the passenger and with seating capacity still free, the flight deadline, destination, a departure and/or return airport is changed before individual departures, 7 days before departure at most.

Rebooking and/or changing the passenger name of departures originally booked at a high fare to departures at a lower fare are possible while maintaining the original fare. In the event of rebooking and/or changing the passenger name, the difference from the current and if necessary higher fare is to be paid. In all cases, however, charges of Euro 25.00 per passenger become due.

Rebooking and/or changing the passenger name can only be done by email ( ) .

Compensation of any type is excluded for sections of a journey not used.

When rebooking and/or changing the passenger name, charges can only be paid using the permitted credit cards. Rebooking charges do not apply in the case of infants (babies). No reduction is granted on the rebooking charge.

Withdrawal of passenger / cancellation

Cancellation of the booked flight or another confirmed service (such as the transportation of an animal or special requests) must be communicated to us in writing, giving the booking number, before the beginning of the journey.

E-mail address:

30 days or more before the beginning oft the journey

10% of the price

from 20 to  29 days before the beginning of the journey

25% of the price

from 10 to 19 days before the beginning of the journey

50% of the price

from 4 to 9 days before the beginning of the journey

65% of the price

from 3 days (72 hours) before the beginning of the journey

85% of the price

from 24 hours before departure

100% of the price

Under Austrian law, the passenger is at liberty to prove to us that the damages incurred by us do not exist or are significantly lower than the package demanded by us.

The provision also applies if the passenger does not reach the flight at the time shown or is excluded from the flight due to incomplete travel documents.

It is recommended that passengers take out travel cancellation insurance (see link to European Travel Insurance).


Lauda Air grants the following reductions on the applicable fare (including taxes and charges) (except special offers explicitly described as such):

  • infants under 2 years of age receive an 85% reduction on the applicable fare (including taxes and charges);
  • children between their 2nd birthday and 12th birthday receive a 25% (30% on long-haul flights) reduction on the applicable fare (including taxes and charges).

The age at the beginning of the journey is decisive. Lauda Air reserves the right to carry out age verification. In the event of deviations, settlement will be according to the appropriate applicable fare. Infants under 2 years of age do not have a right to a seat. The maximum number of infants permitted on board is one per adult.

Confirmation of flights

The passenger is obliged to have the flight time confirmed by telephone on the last working day (Mon - Fri, 9 h 17 h / Caution: local time Vienna) before the return flight on the following telephone number: +43 (0)5 1766 73700

Should the passenger miss the flight back due to this confirmation not having taken place, a claim to transportation or refund no longer exists. To avoid complete cancellation of a flight, Lauda Air can in exceptional cases entrust another air freight carrier with the transportation or employ another aircraft for the tranportation.

Size of hand luggage

The maximum size and maximum weight of luggage not checked in are 55 cm x 40 cm x 23 cm and 8 kg respectively. It must also either fit beneath the seat in front of you or into a luggage compartment. Otherwise, it must be checked in.

New safety regulations for hand luggage as of November 6th 2006

As of 6 November 2006, new safety regulations for hand luggage apply to all departures and onward flights from EU airports as well as Iceland, Norway and Switzerland in order to meet the requirements of the the revised, EU-wide Security Regulations. Liquids, gels and sprays not exceeding 100 ml per container are allowed to be carried in the hand luggage. These items must be packed all together in one transparent, re-sealable plastic bag with a maximum one litre capacity. One bag is permitted per person. The execptions are baby food (if children are also travelling), special dietary requirements (e.g. for medical purposes) and medication that passengers need during the flight. For medicines and dietary products a medical confirmation or a prescription have to be carried along.

Laptops and electronic equipment such as mobile phones, mp3 players, digital cameras as well as jackets and coats will be screened separately at the security controls. 

Liquids, sprays and gels that are purchased in a duty free shop at an European airport or on board of an aircraft registered in the EU will be handed out to the passenger in a sealed plastic bag, in which it has to be transported.

To enable smooth handling, the Austrian Airlines Group recommends to pack all baggage accordingly. All items and bags that do not meet these requirements may not be taken on board the aircraft. Due to intense security controls and new procedures, passengers should plan for longer waiting times especially in the first weeks after launching the new EU regulation.

Seat reservations

Lauda Air offers the possibility to reserve seats for the majority of their holiday flights (applicable for flight numbers OS9000-OS9999 and OS4000-OS4200). Seat reservations can be made via our homepage or via telephone at +43 51766 73700 (Mo-Fr from 9hrs till 17hrs, excl. public holidays).

Seat reservation can be arranged also after your flight booking or booking a package holiday with a tour operator or travel agency!

Your confirmation for the seat reservation needs to be presented at the time of check-in.

Costs and conditions

Seat reservation is possible up to 48 hours prior to departure via our homepage or via telephone at +43 51766 73700 (Mo-Fr from 9h till 17h, holidays excepted) and charges apply to the seat category chosen as mentioned in the table below:

Seat category

Cost per seat/leg

Standard seat

EUR 10,--

VIP seat

Standard seat in rows 1 & 2

EUR 12,--

Large seat, special conditions (see below):

Exit seat with more leg room,

non-reclinable backrest

EUR 15,--

XL seat, special conditions (see below):

Exit seat with more leg room,

with reclinable backrest

EUR 20,--

XXL seat

Maximum leg rest,

with fully reclinable backrest

EUR 25,--

Please note: the available seat categories for your booking are subject to the aircraft type used.

Payment can only be done with a valid credit card.

Reservations free of charge are possible:

-         for families travelling with infants under 2 years (including all children, between their 2nd and 12th birthday, and two adults travelling with the same booking number) and can be booked directly at or via telephone at +43 51766 73700 (Mo-Fr from 9hrs till 17hrs, excl. public holidays),

-         for persons with limited mobility and limited sensory reception, as well as unattended minors; we ask you to contact us via Email only at stating the passengers name, flight number,  travel date and booking number.

When using a car child restraint to secure an infant under 2 years of age, a child ticket without taxes needs to be bought. The seat reservation is free of charge. Please contact our Service Center at +43 51766 73700 (Mo-Fr from 9hrs till 17hrs, excl. public holidays).

Special conditions for Exit, Large and XL seats:

Exit, Large and XL seats are situated in the exit rows. According to Governmental Security requirements, passengers occupying these seats need to be:

-         willing, both physically and mentally able to open the emergency exit in the case of an emergency evacuation;

-         at least 15 years old,

-         not travelling with a pet in cabin and

-         speaking German or English.

If a passenger does not fulfill these requirements, both the check-in and the on-board staff are entitled to allocate another seat without compensation. Should an alternative seat allocation not be possible, Lauda Air reserves the right to completely deny boarding.

Cancelation or rebooking a seat reservation

The seat reservation fee is non-refundable.

For any rebooking or seat changes a handling fee of EUR 10,-- per passenger will apply. Please send your change request via email only to referring to your booking number, flight dates, passenger names and stating that you have already booked this service.

For more information about rebooking and cancellation of a reserved seat, please contact us by telephone at +43 51766 73700 (Mo-Fr from 9hrs till 17hrs, excl. public holidays).

Lauda Air reserves the right to re-allocate a seat reservation – even after boarding the aircraft, should it be necessary for flight safety reasons.

If the reserved seat cannot be provided due to operational or other non-security related reasons, we will refund the amount charged to your credit card. Should this occur, please send us your booking confirmation for the reserved seat and the boarding pass with the actual assigned seat via Email to: or by mail to Austrian Airlines AG, Customer Relations, Office Park 2, A-1300 Vienna Airport.

Previous day Check-In for leisure flights

Trainstation "Wien Mitte"-CAT counter: until 11pm (24h before dep.)-no bulky baggage and only available to passengers with a valid CAT-ticket

Vienna / VIE: 2pm - 4pm and 8pm - 10pm the previous day

Graz / GRZ: 7pm - 9pm the previous evening for all departures the next day

Klagenfurt / KLU: 7pm - 8.45pm the previous evening for all departures the next day

Linz / LNZ: 8pm - 10pm the previous evening for departures up to 12am the next day

Salzburg / SZG: 7.30pm - 9pm the previous evening for all departures the next day (Check-In counter No.4)

Innsbruck / INN: until 7.15 pm (24h before departure)

Please note that Lauda Air is not able to offer "previous day Check-In" in case of rebooking to another airline. 

Web Contactform

According Regulation (EU) No 996/2010* we offer you the opportunity on our website to give the name and telephone number or email-address of a person to be contacted in the event of a aircraft accident. These data will only be used for the mentioned purpose and will be deleted 48 hours after the flight date you provided. Please note: These data are not linked to your booking – please give the data again if you decide to rebook your flight.

* Regulation (EU) No 996/2010 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 20 October 2010 on the investigation and prevention of accidents and incidents in civil aviation and repealing Directive 94/56/EC