Excess Baggage and Sports Equipment

On Austrian myHoliday Leisure flights your free baggage allowance is based on the piece concept - it is reflected in your ticket by means of 'PC`and the max. amount of pieces: 1PC for 1 piece with a maximum weight of 23 kilos.

If duration of stay exeeds 28days - notification required - you can check-in 30kgs/66lbs.

For more details please also have a look at www.austrian.com .   

As we need to calculate extra space for additional baggage, please inform us well in advance about it. For this purpose please contact your booking office, our call center 0820 320 321 / International: +43 5 176 676 700 or contact us online .

Please notice that a single piece of luggage can only be accepted up to a maximum weight of 32kg/70lbs (including excess weight) and a maximum dimension of 203cm/80in (sum of three dimension).

Excess baggage fees starting from flightdeparture 27.10.2013

The charge per piece depends on the number of pieces, its individual weight and dimensions.

Free baggage allowance 24-32kg and or exceeding 158 cm:            EUR 35,- each leg

1 additional piece of baggage max 23kg and max 158cm:                 EUR 50,- each leg

1 additional piece of baggage 24-32kg and/or exceeding 158cm:    EUR 75,- each leg

 If you have any question regarding luggage, do not hestiate to contact us: 0820 320 321 / International: +43 5 176 676 700.

Due to its volume the transport of sports equipment must be requested well in advance. For this purpose please contact your booking office, our call center or inform us online about your plans. 

In addition a supplementary Excess Baggage Ticket Service Charge will be levied, the amount depends on the departure airport and varies between EUR 10,- and EUR 19,-. 

Attached please find a summary of selected sport items:

Golfbag (<15kg): EUR 30,- each leg

Diving equipment (<10kg):   EUR 30,- each leg  

Surf- & Kiteequipment small: EUR 30,- each leg

Surfequipment: EUR 60,- each leg

* must be booked in advance

Please note that we can only accept sports equipment, if it is announced in advance. Otherwise  we cannot guarantee the transport!